How Acidic Foods Fuel Dental Problems

How Acidic Foods Fuel Dental Problems

Nutritionists urge us to include healthy foods in our diet. Surprisingly, some of them are highly acidic and can potentially cause damage to our teeth. Which food items are highly acidic? How do they damage our teeth?

● Enamel Erosion

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The acid in food causes tooth enamel to erode over time, leading to teeth discolouration and weakening. When a tooth starts to erode, demineralization has already occurred, leaving it highly sensitive to food temperatures and other aspects. Brushing is generally recommended after every meal, but not when acidic food has been consumed. Wait 30 minutes when brushing teeth after a meal with acidic content. In the meantime, rinse the mouth with water.

● Fruit

How Acidic Foods Fuel Dental Problems

Fruit, while a wonderful source of vitamins, natural sugar and sweetness, has pitfalls if too much is consumed. Often, young children with excellent oral hygiene find themselves getting a filling because their parents did not realize how fruit acid affects teeth. Here are the fruits with the highest acidity levels:

How Acidic Foods Fuel Dental Problems

A healthy diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables is good for our overall health. Make sure to rinse with water while waiting 30 minutes to brush can help you avoid dental damage. If you are looking for a caring dental health provider in Brampton, Ontario, call Springdale Dental at (905) 458-1212.



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