7 Major Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Teeth sensitivity is a condition caused by the exposure of dentin. This happens when the gums pull back or the enamel becomes too thin due corrosion. Exposed roots, a cracked or chipped tooth or a cavity can cause tooth sensitivity. The sensitivity is a protection response of the nerves. The pain caused can be minor or severe depending on the severity of the issue at hand. Taking good care of our teeth and seeking good dental care can help prevent teeth sensitivity.

The Right Choice for Straightening your Teeth

A Firm Commitment to Your Teeth   You deserve to have every aspect of your dental care provided by a dental office that is 100% committed to your teeth. You have your own unique dental needs that should be considered. Every dental patient can have a care plan that will completely meet their particular needs and concerns in every way. There are many options and choices that are available to each and every patient. At Springdale Dental Centre, our doctors will provide you with a firm and solid commitment to you and your teeth.

White Fillings Aftercare

Dental fillings restore the look and the function of damaged teeth, but after getting white fillings, you need to provide special care and attention to your teeth to make them last longer, best of all, this special care is also good for your healthy teeth. So here are some of the things you need to know after receiving your white fillings, so you don’t worry needlessly or cause more damage to your teeth.

Three Root Canal Myths

There are many stories revolving around root canal and most of them are meant to scare the listener, to gain sympathy, freak out their friends or to make themselves sound stronger. If you need a root canal, learn the facts from your dentist and learn what options are available instead of listening to other people’s stories. Here are some myths that need to be busted:



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