Easy Ways to Better Oral Health

Everyone wants a better oral health. A healthy mouth means fewer trips to the dentist’s office and a brighter smile.

In addition to flossing and brushing regularly, here are some ways to help you achieve a better oral health:

Focus on Diet

Easy Ways to Better Oral HealthDiet plays a vital role in oral hygiene. Your diet also affects dental health and how good your teeth and gums are.

Carrots and apples are known to be dental detergents. Snacking on these in between meals can increase saliva. This provides your mouth a fresher feel. Cashews, on the other hand, can prevent tooth decay with its microbe-fighting nut shell oil. Raw onion has potent antibacterial properties that can kill four different strains of bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities.

Most importantly, lower your sugar intake. Choose healthy sugar from fruits and vegetables. Limit snacking on sugar-rich food and ensure you eat a balanced diet.

Clean the Tongue

The tongue hosts bacteria that cause plaque. Therefore, it is important to keep your tongue clean regularly. Clean it with a soft toothbrush or a tongue scraper. Do it carefully so as not to damage your taste buds.

Look out for Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can cause different problems such as worn-out teeth enamel, torn cheek tissue, and tooth sensitivity. It is difficult to stop yourself from grinding your teeth in your sleep. Ask your dentist for a mouth guard to protect your teeth from teeth grinding.

Easy Ways to Better Oral HealthRinse with Mouthwash

Therapeutic mouth rinses have special ingredients that can treat certain mouth problems and strengthen the teeth. These help in preventing gingivitis, cavities, and plaque. Common mouthwash, on the other hand, targets bad breath. You can talk to your dentist to know which mouthwash suits you.

See your Dentist Regularly

Nothing beats regular checkup and cleaning by your dentist. You should not wait for any oral problem before you schedule a visit. It is advised to have teeth cleaning every six months. This removes plaque in those hard-to-reach areas. Seeing your dentist regularly can help in detecting problems early on, which also leads to more effective treatment.



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