How to Keep a Bright Smile

How to Keep a Bright SmileHaving white teeth and a bright smile can enhance your look, boost your confidence and make you look younger. Nothing looks better than a person with clean and white teeth!

Whether you’ve had professional teeth whitening or you just want to maintain your pearly whites, here are some tips in keeping them bright:

Brush and Floss – 
This is advice we have heard from our dentists since we were young. This is the foundation to dental hygiene and white teeth. It is recommended to brush after every meal in addition to twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and floss once a day. Use a soft-bristle brush to clean your teeth. Brush at a 45 degree angle to your teeth where the gum meets the tooth. Use small and gentle circular or up and down motions for at least two to three minutes which the amount of time it takes to remove plaque. If plaque builds up around the base of the teeth, it eventually hardens into a yellowish or brown substance known as tartar which can cause gum disease. Dentists also recommend using an electric toothbrush as they have been shown to be more efficient at cleaning teeth. Be sure to clean the bristles under water after each use and allow the bristles to air dry. Your toothbrush should be replaced every three to four months or when frayed.

Flossing reaches those areas that brushing doesn’t. When flossing, wrap a piece of floss around your index and middle fingers leaving about two inches between your hands. Slide the floss between your teeth and down the gumline. Bacteria and plaque also get stuck in those hidden recesses.

Limit staining food and beverages – Coffee, juices, wine, and tea can stain the teeth. The acidity and dark color of such drinks can cause yellowing and discolouration of the teeth by absorbing the colored liquid over time. To prevent staining, use a straw to bypass the front of the teeth when drinking.

Avoid sugar – Sugar reacts to plaque that coats the teeth. Every time you consume something sweet, plaque produces more acids which attack the tooth’s enamel. This discolors and destroys the teeth.

How to Keep a Bright SmileRinse with water – Rinsing with water after every meal can make a huge difference. Swishing water can minimize residue, tooth decay and staining. It’s even more essential after the consumption of teeth-staining beverages or meal.

Make lifestyle changes – Smoking can stain the teeth and lead to gum disease. Cut back on cigarettes and other tobacco products to prevent yellowed teeth.

Schedule regular checkups – See your dentist regularly to have your mouth, bite, and teeth assessed. Your dentist may also suggest treatments in keeping your mouth healthy and your teeth white.



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