How to Keep your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Children DentistryGrowing kids need to be looked after, especially since they are still in their developing years. Most parents usually have a hard time assessing the dental care needs of the children. There are numerous questions that float around this concern.

Here are few of the things that parents should know pertaining to children’s dental hygiene:

Dental care starts at the first tooth. Proper dental care should start before the first tooth appears. At birth, a baby already has 20 fully-developed primary teeth in the jaw. Keep their gums clean by gently rubbing a damp washcloth all over the baby’s gums to clear bacteria. Once your baby cuts their first tooth, use an infant toothbrush with water and a smear of toddler toothpaste to clean their teeth. By the age of two, most kids are able to spit after brushing. So, a pea-sized amount of toothpaste can be used until they reach the age of five.

Develop good feeding habits. Even babies can acquire tooth decay without good feeding habits. Avoid putting the baby to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice as this harms the teeth. Mild or juice contain sugars which can remain on the teeth for hours and cause bottle mouth, pitted and discolored teeth.

How to Keep your Child’s Teeth HealthyVisit the dentist by the age of three. The first dentist visit should be scheduled when your child turns three. By visiting a dentist early on for routine check ups and dental care, future dental problems can be avoided. At the first visit, the dentist will explain proper brushing and flossing. These visits are essential in detecting dental problems and preventing fear of dentist appointments.

Teach good dental habits.
Remind your kids to brush after each meal if possible or at least twice a day and floss once a day to maintain healthy mouth. Do not allow them to eat or drink, except water, after brushing and flossing before bedtime. Teach your kids the importance of these habits and these will be easily retained even when they grow older.



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