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  • Paediatric Dentist

We believe you’re never too young to start taking care of your teeth and develop good dental habits. That is why, at the Springdale Dental Centre we emphasize the importance of early prevention starting with a child’s first visit at age 3.

We strive to make your child’s experience as comfortable and positive as possible by ensuring that your child receives positive reinforcement, plenty of TLC and has FUN! Our team of skilled professionals is committed to listening to your needs and delivering exceptional service to you with care and compassion.

It’s important for parents to learn the basics about caring for their child’s dental care. Together, we’ll address concerns about baby teeth and create good oral healthcare habits in your child.

Early education in oral health care is so important! We want children to understand their role in keeping their smile white, bright and healthy. By providing your child with the homecare tools and knowledge at an early age, it will develop into adult routines and healthy habits needed to develop and maintain optimum oral health.

We encourage you to discuss the positive aspects of dentistry with your child. Before your initial appointment, it’s best to talk to your child in advance and let them know that someone is going to look at his/her teeth. This helps to ensure that their first visit to a dentist is enjoyable and a positive experience.

At the first visit, kids are shown all of the equipment from the water and air shooter to taking a ride in the dental chair! Once their visit is complete, kids can pick out a prize from our “Treasure Chest” and will also receive their very own Springdale Dental toothbrush. As an incentive to keep their teeth clean, patients who leave the office cavity-free are given the opportunity to enter their name into our “No Cavity Club”. This is a monthly draw where they have the chance to win a super gift. It’s really quite simple… it teaches them that hard work is recognized and even possibly rewarded!

  • Our goals are for kids to:
  • Get fewer cavities and infections
  • Be prepared for dental treatment, if needed
  • Gain a positive dental experience
  • Develop excellent oral health care habits and routines including flossing, brushing and proper nutrition
  • Have parents who are more involved

Children’s Dentistry Brampton Services are now available for all existing and new patients at Springdale Dental Centre.



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