The Importance of Professional Teeth Cleaning

The Importance of Professional Teeth CleaningRegular professional teeth cleanings are a must for everyone, it prevents the yellowing of teeth, while keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. For everyone who wants a gleaming happy smile and that can only be achieved through professional cleaning.

No matter how thorough your brushing and flossing is, it can’t remove all the tartar and plaque in your mouth. Here are the reasons why you should get your teeth professionally cleaned:

· It Prevents Gum Disease

Gum disease affects the tissue around your teeth, most people know it affects your breath and gums, but it can even lead to bone loss when left untreated. With the weakening and destruction of your gums, it will cause tooth loss. If gum disease is found early, the effects can be reversed and treated. Regular cleaning and checkup are key factors in preventing this.

· Gives you a brighter smile

The Importance of Professional Teeth CleaningProfessional teeth cleaning can provide a whiter smile. Although there are numerous over-the-counter alternatives, a professional procedure is the safest and most effective method. It removes stains and polishes your teeth. You don’t get sensitive teeth, unlike over-the-counter whitening strips. The dentist can also give you an idea of how to properly take care your teeth. Remember if your teeth are pearly white, you are more confident and ready to face anything.

· It maintains oral health

Regular visits to your dentist will allow him to follow your oral health, this keeps you on the right track for dental and oral health while ensuring early detection of problems.

· It detects oral cancer

Oral cancer can be deadly, especially if not caught early. However with regular dental cleaning, your dentist can screen you for oral cancer. This is especially important for smokers.

· It prevents bad breath

Although good oral hygiene gives you fresh breath, bacteria and plaque can and does escape daily brushing and flossing. Professional cleaning can keep your mouth healthy and odor-free.

Regular checkups are essential to keep your teeth looking clean, your breath fresh and most importantly, to stay healthy.



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