Three Root Canal Myths

Three Root Canal MythsThere are many stories revolving around root canal and most of them are meant to scare the listener, to gain sympathy, freak out their friends or to make themselves sound stronger. If you need a root canal, learn the facts from your dentist and learn what options are available instead of listening to other people’s stories.

Here are some myths that need to be busted:

The Treatment is Painful

The truth is root canal does not cause pain. This is a rumour that started circulating decades ago when the procedure just started. With modern technology available today, root canal treatments are at worst uncomfortable. Most patients who received a root canal will describe the experience as painless.

Root canals relieve pain, they don’t cause it. Most of the time, a root canal is needed because of damaged or infected nerve tissue or pulp (soft area within the centre of the tooth). A root canal removes the damaged tissue which will get rid of the pain.

Extraction is a Root Canal AlternativeThree Root Canal Myths

There is nothing that can replace your natural tooth. It’s a myth when people say that tooth extraction is a good alternative to a root canal procedure. Your dentist will always consider saving your natural teeth first when addressing your problem.

Keeping your natural teeth is always the best option. Dentures can lead to problems with eating food, and increase the chance of gum disease in the surrounding teeth.

A root canal is a cost-effective option when compared to extraction. If your dentist suggests an extraction, ask if a root canal is an alternative.

You don’t need a Root Canal if you’re Not in Pain

Just because you are not suffering from any pain, does not mean your gums and teeth are healthy. Often times, the decay happens when you least expect it and you can only feel the pain once the damage is already severe.

Visiting your dentist regularly can help you save your teeth and stop the early onset of tooth decay. So, schedule regular check-ups with your dentist to maintain your oral health.  By doing so, you can prevent issues and avoid the complications of an infected tooth.



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