White Fillings Aftercare

Dental fillings restore the look and the function of damaged teeth, but after getting white fillings, you need to provide special care and attention to your teeth to make them last longer, best of all, this special care is also good for your healthy teeth.

So here are some of the things you need to know after receiving your white fillings, so you don’t worry needlessly or cause more damage to your teeth.

White Fillings Aftercare· Avoid Really Hot and Cold Food and Drinks

After the procedure, your teeth might become sensitive to temperature. This is normal, but the sensitivity will stop after a few days or weeks.

· Soreness and Pain

These sensations are normal after the anesthesia has worn off. This might feel like pins and needles to you. You can ask your dentist for a pain reliever if the pain is too strong. There’s no need for concern as long as your gums and teeth become less sensitive after two or so weeks.

· Avoid Eating and Drinking While You’re Numb

Don’t consume any food and drinks until the anesthesia has worn off. Not only will it damage the filling, but you could end up biting yourself by accident.

· Don’t Chew and Bite Hard Objects

Teeth with white fillings will never be as strong as your natural teeth, so avoid biting and chewing any hard food, such as nuts, jerky, and hard candy. Avoid chewing your nails and pens, as well. This can increase the stress on the filling and cause fractures. If you are eating hard foods, ensure that you chew on the stronger side of your mouth.

· Limit Foods and Drinks That Can Stain Your Teeth

Drinking coffee or wine, and smoking, can stain your teeth normally, and doubly so with white filling. Limit drinking coffee or tea and opt for non-staining drinks. Quit smoking if possible as this leads to other health problems, as well.

White Fillings Aftercare· Contact your dentist for concerns

If you are experiencing problems with your fillings, contact your dentist and watch out for chipped or cracked fillings and sensitivity.



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